Researchers from Mount Sinai Conduct Study Including My IBD Care

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Researchers from Mount Sinai, one of the largest teaching hospitals in the US, conducted a study on digital support tools for people with IBD, including My IBD Care.


  • Researchers reviewed 1500+ digital support tools for people with IBD, only 6 of which met the qualifying criteria as a high-quality behavioural health intervention.
  • These 6 qualifying interventions were compared using a variety of sophisticated statistical methods and objective evaluation criteria including the MARS scale.
  • Primary endpoints were the information quality, functionality and engagement of each intervention, with reference to diet and other behavioural interventions.
  • Along with LyfeMD (who were closely associated with the publication) My IBD Care was the highest rated intervention overall, for mental health, behaviour change, quality and other endpoints.

Read the study here.

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