The Ampersand platform is expert-designed and NHS approved, helping to connect clinicians to their patients.

Our clinical portal leads to increased healthcare efficiency and enables clinicians to deliver superior treatment through data collection and remote monitoring. This helps patients receive the care they need, when they need it.

  • 89 % Reduction in A&E visits
  • 85 % Of patients prefer to use the app as their primary method of routine clinical contact, as opposed to face-to-face
  • 47 % Reduction in routine outpatient appointments
  • 34 % Improvement in disease control

Incorporating a patient facing application and home calprotectin based patient initiated follow up and monitoring in IBD Home® digital care

Hull University Teaching Hospitals conducted a study on incorporating Ampersand’s patient-facing app and home calprotectin based PIFU and monitoring in IBD Home digital care (2023).

Here are the key facts and results of the study:

  • This real world, case controlled study of 594 IBD patients at Hull University Teaching Hospitals set out to evaluate a comprehensive, integrated, and holistic approach to value-based care, supporting patients where possible in their own homes.
  • The pathway incorporated My IBD Care, including POC calprotectin testing, as a monitoring device.
  • Primary endpoints were patient safety, acceptance and non-inferiority. Secondary endpoints included system efficiencies resulting from implementing patient initiated follow-up.
  • The study showed a 40% reduction in routine follow-up appointments.
  • Flares were identified earlier, with over 50% of cases handled entirely out of hospital.
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Identification and Evaluation of Mobile Applications for Self-Management of Diet and Lifestyle for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Researchers from Mount Sinai, one of the largest teaching hospitals in the US, conducted a study on digital support tools for people with IBD, including My IBD Care.

Here are some of the key findings from our Patient Support Programme Report:

  • Researchers reviewed 1500+ digital support tools for people with IBD, only 6 of which met the qualifying criteria as a high-quality behavioural health intervention.
  • These 6 qualifying interventions were compared using a variety of sophisticated statistical methods and objective evaluation criteria including the MARS scale.
  • Primary endpoints were the information quality, functionality and engagement of each intervention, with reference to diet and other behavioural interventions.
  • Along with LyfeMD (who were closely associated with the publication) My IBD Care was the highest rated intervention overall, for mental health, behaviour change, quality and other endpoints.
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Evaluation of the My Arthritis App Digital Therapeutic

Ampersand Health is honoured to receive funding from Innovate UK.

Here are some of the key findings from our Arthritis Digital Therapeutic report.

  • Patients taking the courses reported that they helped to change their behaviour through positively impacting their knowledge, beliefs about their capabilities, optimism, beliefs about the health and wellbeing consequences of self-management and their ability to set goals.
  • Over 62% of patients reported that they had a positive attitude towards the course that they completed.
  • Symptoms and disease activity measured on a validated Patient Reported Outcome Measure remained consistent throughout the trial.
  • The overall positive response and acceptability of the technology, both from clinicians and subject matter experts is extremely promising.
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Unique Features

Our platform is optimised for chronic inflammatory disease. It offers unique and useful features that help build a clear picture of patients’ health status and wellbeing over time.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Clinicians gain insights of what their patients have experienced between appointments. This is achieved through the collection of PROMS, data from connected wearable devices, and tracking of lifestyle factors within the app.

Behavioural Health

Using scalable digital interventions and health coaching, patients engage in self-led behaviour change.

Care Plan Management

Clinicians can create unique care plans for their patients based on the data collected through remote monitoring, allowing for better medication adherence, quicker interventions and treatment plan adjustments.

Health Systems Integration

Our platform connects Ampersand Health data with electronic patient records and home and POC blood and calprotectin testing to augment and support a more holistic picture of one’s health.

All Features

Scientifically designed by experts

Our team and partners include researchers, clinicians, associated charities and those living with the conditions that we focus on.


The clinicians we work with help us create tools that improve the lives of patients, as their clinical perspective is key in understanding the conditions that we focus on.


We design our products and platform in partnership with the NHS, associated charities, pharmaceutical companies and those living with the conditions that we focus on.


Patients play a crucial role in the creation of our platforms. Their lived experiences and perspectives are key to the development of the tools that work best for their needs.


Our app content has been co-created with leading experts at two London Hospitals.

Our platform can help manage a range of inflammatory conditions

Our research and development focuses on a variety of immune-mediated conditions, enabling us to plan an exciting roadmap for future digital therapeutics.

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