Features & Benefits

The Ampersand platform offers powerful evidence-based features that are unique and useful to clinicians. Through our remote monitoring, data collection, and communication tools, clinicians are able to gain a significant understanding of the health and wellbeing status of their patients.

A Digital Model of Care

There has been a significant shift towards digital methods of care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ampersand platform offers digital solutions that benefit both clinicians and patients, during the pandemic and beyond.

Digital Messaging

Communication tools that allow clinicians to directly message or send reminders to their patients when they need to.

Remote Monitoring

Patients track their day-to-day symptoms on the app, so that clinicians can monitor their health status and medication remotely.

Digital Therapies

Our apps offer expert-led courses, so that patients can gain a better understanding of their health, build better habits and always have access to useful information.

Watch our co-founders as they discuss the benefits of implementing My IBD Care.


Our platform offers great features that work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient-care.

Medicines Optimisation

Our platform provides consistent support towards a patient’s journey living with their long-term condition. Clinicians can review the medications and supplements that their patients are taking to ensure that they’re taking the right ones at the right time.

Asynchronous Communication

The ability to message patients asynchronously allows clinicians to use their time more efficiently, leading to a reduction in unnecessary appointments and outpatient visits.

Objective Data (PROMs)

With easy access to a library of patient reported outcome measures, clinicians are able to keep track of their patients and gain a better understanding of their overall health. Validated PROMs can be sent to patients for quick assessment when needed, or scheduled for future dates.


Our platform meets the needs of both clinicians and their patients, with many added benefits that make it the ideal platform for clinical use.

Shift to Digital Care

Due to COVID-19, the world has shifted to relying on digital models of care and our platform has made this a seamless process, for both patients and clinicians.


There is an increasing need by patients for accessible models of care. Over 85% of patients prefer to use our app as the primary method of their routine clinical contact, instead of face-to-face appointments alone.


Our platform streamlines processes so that clinicians can see their patients when they need to be seen, with the added time-saving benefit of seeing all relevant information about a patient at once. This leads to less outpatient visits and more patient-initiated follow-ups.

Partner hospitals

Our app content is co-created with leading experts at 2 London hospitals.

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Reports & publications

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How is the platform used in clinical practice?

The Ampersand platform helps manage the outpatient ecosystem and improves patient-clinician communication. By creating a self-reporting process for PROMs, patient information can be directly shared with and accessed by clinical teams via the clinical platform. The messaging function on the app makes it possible to interact with an individual patient or to send messages to whole groups of patients, as often as needed.


What can be done with the patient-database on the platform?

The patient-database is easily searchable by name, date of birth or even medication, but it can also be used for research purposes to track trends over time. The platform works on the basis of explicit patient consent and follows GDPR principles.


What can patients do on the My Arthritis or My IBD Care app?

Patients can do many things through their app! They can record symptoms through PROMs, access digital therapeutics to support effective self-management and log information of lifestyle factors including sleep, stress and exercise. Additionally, they can set medication reminders to support their medication adherence, access educational content to help build their understanding about the condition and medications and communicate with their clinical teams.

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