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How to Get Better Sleep with IBD

16 Jun 2021

For those living with Crohn’s or Colitis, sleep can be a major struggle - especially when in a flare. It can be difficult for individuals to fall asleep,...

World IBD Day 2021

18 May 2021

May 19, 2021 is World IBD Day. This day helps bring those in the IBD community together to raise awareness, create change in government and healthcare systems,...

What is a Health Coach?

06 May 2021

Making long-term changes in your life that have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. This is where a...

What you Need to Know About Calprotectin and Testing for IBD

05 May 2021

We have put together a quick guide that answers the most commonly asked questions about calprotectin and its role in testing for and diagnosing Inflammatory...

IBS vs IBD: How can I tell the difference?

30 Apr 2021

Since both IBD and IBS both involve abdominal discomfort, this confusion is completely normal. Both IBD and IBS affect your digestive system and your gut and...

How to Manage Pain with an Inflammatory Condition

27 Apr 2021

Dr Rabia Lalani is a Gastroenterologist specialising in the management of conditions of the gut-brain connection. She spoke to the Ampersand Health community...

How Crohn’s or Colitis Affects Your Mental Health

15 Mar 2021

There is an undeniable link between your IBD and your mental health. 

Webinar: Food for Thought – The Role of Diet in Managing IBD

12 Mar 2021

We hosted a webinar all about nutrition, diet and IBD - with Clemmie Oliver!

Crohn's Disease Fatique IBD Mental Health Ulcerative Colitis

How Thiamine May Be Key in Reducing Your IBD Fatigue

12 Feb 2021

Recent research has found that there is a significant benefit to taking thiamine to help reduce chronic fatigue for those living with IBD.

Breathing Crohn's Disease IBD Self-Management Stress Ulcerative Colitis

Breathwork to Manage Your IBD Symptoms

18 Dec 2020

Stress Awareness Week aims to highlight the importance of managing stress in our day to day lives, now more than ever. For those with Crohn’s and colitis,...

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