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Clive’s Journey with RA: the Good, the Bad, the Funny (Part 2)

29 Mar 2021

Clive returns to tell us about how he self-manages his symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis through journaling, diet and supportive tools - and acceptance.

Researchers Look at Reddit to Better Understand RA and Mental Health – This is What They Found.

24 Mar 2021

Insights into mental health and RA are limited. But patients are increasingly turning online to share their experiences and reach out for support.

How Crohn’s or Colitis Affects Your Mental Health

15 Mar 2021

There is an undeniable link between your IBD and your mental health. 

Webinar: Food for Thought – The Role of Diet in Managing IBD

12 Mar 2021

We hosted a webinar all about nutrition, diet and IBD - with Clemmie Oliver!

Clive’s Journey with RA: the Good, the Bad, the Funny (Part 1)

18 Feb 2021

Clive has lived with RA for over 30 years. In this blog post, he tells us his story and shares with us some insights from his condition journey so far.

Compression Gloves for Arthritis of the Hands: Are They Worth it?

18 Feb 2021

Recent research has looked into the effect of wearing compression gloves for those living with inflammatory arthritis. Inflammatory arthritis that affects your...

Crohn's Disease Fatique IBD Mental Health Ulcerative Colitis

How Thiamine May Be Key in Reducing Your IBD Fatigue

12 Feb 2021

Recent research has found that there is a significant benefit to taking thiamine to help reduce chronic fatigue for those living with IBD.

My Arthritis: New Lifestyle & Wellbeing Courses for those living with Inflammatory Arthritis

28 Jan 2021

We have launched a set of brand new, expert-led courses in our My Arthritis app that aim to support those living with inflammatory arthritis.

Breathing Crohn's Disease IBD Self-Management Stress Ulcerative Colitis

Breathwork to Manage Your IBD Symptoms

18 Dec 2020

Stress Awareness Week aims to highlight the importance of managing stress in our day to day lives, now more than ever. For those with Crohn’s and colitis,...

How to Manage IBD During COVID-19

18 Dec 2020

Managing one’s daily life with IBD can be challenging at times. The uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought has made things even more difficult. 

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