Digital therapies, scientifically designed for patients with inflammatory conditions.

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Ampersand Health Suite

We are a social impact-focused company, dedicated to the research and development of Digital Therapeutics.

Working alongside world-renown researchers, clinicians and patient groups, we are developing the next generation of digital medicines for patients with a range of long- term conditions.

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More impact, Less pills

An innovative digital aid for more control over inflammatory conditions.

Cost effective and time efficient

Make fewer trips to the hospital with more accurate results.

Non-invasive, focused on behaviour change

An easy way to track your progress on a daily basis.

Mindful lifestyle management

Helps you make better calculated choices to deal with your condition.

Uncomplicated improvements in diet

Comprehensive meal plans to ensure you get the right nutrients.

Measured, progressive exercise regimens

Detailed workouts tailored to your requirements.

Strategic monitoring of sleep patterns

Tracking your sleep routine is imperative to gauge the amount of rest you get.

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A patient's view

I looooove what you're doing with the IBD app!

A nurse's view

This will help my patients to self-manage their long-term condition

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As an IBD gastroenterologist, this is the best I've seen

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Really Impressive