Lighting the Path to Long-Term Remission

for people living with inflammatory diseases


Ampersand Health works alongside world-renowned researchers, clinicians and patient groups, to create industry-leading personalised digital therapies that help prolong periods of remission, and provide support in the self-management of long-term conditions.

the stages

Ampersand Health supports you through each stage of your journey.

From recently diagnosed...

At Ampersand, we understand what it means to be living with these conditions and we know that receiving a diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. We support you at each stage of your journey, from diagnosis through to remission.

...towards sustained remission

We aim to provide engaging and effective tools that help guide you, so that you can self-manage your condition confidently and are able to lead a happier, healthier life.

Our apps

Our product suite and website offer
expert advice on:

My IBD Care: Crohn’s & Colitis

Sleep, stress and exercise are all lifestyle factors that contribute to inflammation and a deterioration in symptoms.

My IBD Care is designed to help you keep in touch with your clinical team and track your medication, appointments, activities, and symptoms, so that you can learn ways to improve your habits and overall wellbeing.

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My Arthritis

My Arthritis is designed to help you self-manage different aspects of your condition. The app provides you with resources, tools and content shaped by experts that will help you to feel well.

By tracking your symptoms, flares, medications, and other important factors, you will gain invaluable insights into your health that will help you build healthier habits moving forward.

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Using evidence-based techniques to improve your health, lifestyle, and wellbeing.

Digital Therapy

Expert-led courses that help you learn how to improve your health and happiness each day.

Self-Management Tracking

Build better habits by tracking your symptoms, activities, diet and more.

Personalised Insights

Gain a better understanding of your overall health and wellbeing through personalised weekly reports.

Clinical Messaging

Receive messages and updates from your medical team or download information to share with your clinician.


With condition-specific courses to sustainably boost short-term wellbeing & embed habits that establish long-term, improved behaviours.


Learn how to achieve better sleep through improving your sleep hygiene, trying out relaxation techniques and keeping a sleep diary.


Gain a better understanding of your medication and improve your adherence through courses led by our IBD clinicians and pharmacist.


Try out new ways to boost your wellbeing by following breathing techniques, tips on how to manage fatigue, meditation and more!


Learn different ways to adjust to life with your condition and bring consistency to it.

Scientifically designed by experts

Our team and partners include researchers, medical specialists, associated charities and those who live with the conditions we focus on.


Patient groups play a key role in the design of our platforms, as their insight is key to developing tools that work best for their needs.


The different Clinicians we work with help us to create products that will improve the lives of their patients. Their clinical perspective allows our products to be better suited to specific conditions.


We design our products in partnership with the NHS, the world’s largest public health provider.

The NHS’ 10 Year Plan focuses on providing more personalised and digitally-enabled care in place of the traditional face to face.

Partner hospitals

Our platforms are co-created with 2 London hospitals.


Take control of your journey towards remission with the My IBD Care app.

About Ampersand

We are a multi-award winning and social-impact focused company, developing personalised digital therapies for people living with long-term inflammatory conditions, created by our team of researchers, clinicians and patient groups.

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My IBD Care

My Arthritis