US Researchers from University of Michigan & University of Minnesota Evaluate Behaviour Change Techniques in IBD Management Apps

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Researchers from The University of Michigan and University of Minnesota Medical School conducted a study titled “Use of Behavior Change Techniques and Quality of Commercially Available Inflammatory Bowel Disease Apps” (2003).


  • The study systematically evaluated the content and quality of 51 free, commercially available inflammatory bowel disease management apps.
  • Apps were evaluated using Abraham and Michie’s taxonomy of 26 behaviour change techniques.
  • The study did not review or account for Ampersand’s clinician offering.
  • Researchers employed the MARS (mobile app rating scale), a validated taxonomy for mhealth app evaluation.
  • Of 51 apps reviewed, two – My IBD Care and MyGiHealth GI Symptom Tracker, included the highest number of overall and inflammatory bowel disease management behaviour change techniques along with high-quality scores

Read the study here. 

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