Hull University Teaching Hospitals Study on My IBD Care & Calprotectin Testing

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Hull University Teaching Hospitals conducted a study on incorporating Ampersand’s patient-facing app and home calprotectin based PIFU and monitoring in IBD Home digital care (2023).


  • This real world, case controlled study of 594 IBD patients at Hull University Teaching Hospitals set out to evaluate a comprehensive, integrated, and holistic approach to value-based care, supporting patients where possible in their own homes.
  • The pathway incorporated My IBD Care, including POC calprotectin testing, as a monitoring device.
  • Primary endpoints were patient safety, acceptance and non-inferiority. Secondary endpoints included system efficiencies resulting from implementing patient initiated follow-up.
  • The study showed a 40% reduction in routine follow-up appointments.
  • Flares were identified earlier, with over 50% of cases handled entirely out of hospital.

Read the study here.

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