Ampersand Health & NRAS Partnership Update

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Today, the team here at Ampersand Health are announcing the end of our partnership with NRAS. Over the last two years, our two organisations have worked closely together to promote self-management and advocate for better models of long-term care in rheumatology. We have been fortunate to benefit from the expertise of NRAS, its community and its engaging content. Some NRAS content will remain in the My Arthritis app for community members to access and benefit from (so far this content has been accessed over 30,000 times in the app!). NRAS is currently developing their own series of self-management courses and our app’s content has extended to cover patients with a wider range of arthropathies (including AS, PSA and OA), therefore this is the right time to end our official partnership so that both organisations can continue to grow and thrive. We wish NRAS every success with its new initiatives and look forward to supporting them moving forward!
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