Ampersand Health selected as a Crown Commercial Supplier for the G-Cloud 11 Framework



July 16th 2019 – Ampersand Health (  – a digital therapeutics company focused on the management of long term conditions – has been selected as one of the 4,200 suppliers for the 11th iteration of the Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud Framework.


15 million people in England suffer from long term conditions. With this number growing fast, the pressure grows on the NHS to provide long term solutions to meet this increase in demand.


As noted in the NHS’s Five Year Forward View:


“Long term conditions are now a central task of the NHS; caring for these needs requires a partnership with patients over the long term rather than providing single, unconnected ‘episodes’ of care. Increasingly we need to manage systems – networks of care – not just organisations. Out-of-hospital care needs to become a much larger part of what the NHS does. And services need to be integrated around the patient.”


In addition, the following are noted as priorities in the more recent Long Term Plan for the NHS:


  • Boost out of hospital care
  • Reduce pressure on emergency services
  • Provide more personalised, patient controlled care
  • Provide more digitally enabled care
  • Focus on population health


Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs) such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are exemplars for long term conditions, with patients requiring frequent face-to-face appointments, an ongoing testing regimen and costly pharmacological intervention. 


In the context of these conditions – which include Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis (c3.5m people/sufferers in the UK) – Ampersand’s digital therapeutic is a collaborative self-management platform comprising apps for patients with a variety of long term conditions; and a cloud based portal which allows clinicians to review their patients’ data and intervene as necessary. 


Ampersand has been approved as a Cloud Software provider and is now listed as a supplier on the Digital Marketplace serving the healthcare category. Ampersand’s listing in the Digital Marketplace can be found here


So far, the G-Cloud framework has facilitated £4.79bn of sales with almost half of this attributed to SMB suppliers. The whole idea behind G-cloud is to make it easier for suppliers and governmental bodies to find each and vet each other, simply.


Niall Quinn, director of technology at CCS, said the following in the framework: “G-Cloud continues to be a major success story for how we drive innovation in the public sector. G-Cloud is all about simplicity, making it as straightforward as possible for customers and suppliers to find each other.” 


Nader Alaghband, CEO of Ampersand Health said, “We’re very pleased to have been accepted on to the G Cloud Framework. Not only does it help us reach a wider audience of NHS professionals, it also gives them greater confidence in our technology and our business model. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the platform complies with best practices, in terms of data, security, infrastructure and technology.”


For more information on Ampersand Health, please get in touch on +44 20 7112 7100 or by sending an email to




The UK Government G-Cloud is an initiative with an objective to make procurement by public sector bodies that use cloud computing easier. It consists of:


  • A series of framework agreements with suppliers, from which the public sector can buy services without the need to run a tender or competition procurement process


  • The “Digital Marketplace” that allows searching for services that are covered by the frameworks


The G-Cloud framework consists of three lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support. 

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