Improving Patient Outcomes Through Mobile Health

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Interest in mobile health from patients, healthcare providers and carers has never been greater.

However, mHealth is still in an incredibly nascent stage and the potential for smartphones, connected medical accessories and apps continues to be hugely unexploited across the healthcare industry.

We view digital health innovation as a catalyst for positive change in healthcare by delivering:

  • Personalised Healthcare and Patient Experience
  • Improved Outpatient Care and Patient Outcomes
  • Reduction in Patient Care Overheads
  • Digital Administration and Data Management

We work closely with a variety of public and private healthcare organisations, including King’s College Hospital Trust, The Christie and Boehringer Ingelheim, and are engaged by a number of NHS Trusts to help explore how mobile can improve patient outcomes.

“83% of consumers are willing to share their medical records with a health system in order to aid in their own diagnosis and treatment.” Top Health Industry Issues 2016, PWC

Our Role

Mobile and digital touch points extend the patient-consultant experience beyond the hospital walls and are dramatically improving the patient experience. Working with the Christie’s Oncology Department and Barts & Kings College NHS Trusts, we are developing mobile solutions to:

  • Facilitate self-reporting to keep accurate records
  • Enable easier access to patient records and specialist expertise
  • Provide access to online
    resources to reduce unnecessary appointments
  • Integrate calendars to book appointments and push reminders

From scheduling follow-up appointments at the touch of a button to navigating a complicated hospital with the help of an interactive map, the patient journey before, during and after hospital appointments is frictionless with the introduction of mobile.

“The rise of the wearables market is being driven by the growth of mobile apps designed to monitor or improve users’ health and wellbeing. The global health and fitness app market is predicted to be worth $26bn by 2017”

Improving Patient Outcomes

Mobile health solutions such as mobile apps, wearables and platforms are tangibly improving patient outcomes through streamlining processes, reducing the margin for error and increasing accuracy. Patients are now able to access all the crucial data needed to efficiently treat and monitor their condition in one hub, accessing and recording all information from medical history and appointments to health symptoms, diagnoses and reminders to take and re-order medication. In turn, doctors and consultants receive a more accurate view of their patient’s health and progress, reduce admin time and avoid unnecessary appointments.

For more information or to discuss how we can help you with your mHealth strategy, call us today on +44 (0) 2071127100 or email

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