Designing Digital Behaviour Change Interventions to Improve the Quality Of Life for People With Inflammatory Conditions.

Development of Digital Behaviour Change Interventions (DBCIs) to facilitate lifestyle and wellbeing behaviour changes provides a valuable opportunity to support people living with IMIDs.

Designing Digital Behaviour Change Interventions to Improve the Quality Of Life for People With Inflammatory Conditions.

What experts are saying...

Professor Susan Michie

Developer of the Behaviour Change Wheel approach and Professor of Health Psychology & Director of Centre for Behaviour Change, UCL

"I am delighted to see the Behaviour Change Wheel being used to develop digital behaviour change interventions for those living with long-term conditions. The translation of behaviour change evidence and theory into the design of such interventions is what can help us work towards more positive health and wellbeing outcomes for those with life-long inflammatory conditions."

Dr Lindsay Bottoms

Reader and Researcher In Exercise and Health Physiology

"Overall, the courses are brilliant. It's even more important to stay active right now for people with IBD as moderate exercise boosts your immune system. Also, mental health-wise - exercise will have a very powerful effect during the current situation"

Natalie Gardner

'The Spoonie Mummy', lives with numerous chronic health conditions including Arthritis and Crohn's Disease

"Very happy with how the courses are delivered and I look forward to many more. I think this is a great idea for people with IBD. Not many people look into their general wellbeing and this app helps people do that."

Dr Yeliz Prior

Occupational Therapist, Researcher and Vice President for British Society for Rheumatology

"For all of the topics we cover, we look into the evidence-base that explores how these techniques work for people living with inflammatory arthritis. This makes this course different from other general lifestyle or wellbeing courses you may have tried elsewhere. The courses have been co-created with clinical experts, behaviour scientists and patients living with arthritis to ensure they are appropriate and tailored to the needs of people with inflammatory arthritis. Our commitment is to provide easy to follow, practical courses to help you manage your arthritis."

Fran Brown

Athlete and Physiotherapist living with Crohn's Disease

"The app encourages you to reflect on how you feel which is good motivation to carry on. It made me happier to be more active, more relaxed and less stressed out."

Dr Gareth Parkes

PhD, FRCP, Consultant and Clinical Lead for Gastroenterology, Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Immunobiology, QMUL

"Social prescribing and digitally supported self-care are a big part of the NHS' direction of travel when it comes to long-term conditions. And from a clinician's perspective, the fact that I can now signpost my patients to programmes that will support them to learn about - and take more responsibility for - their condition is very powerful."

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