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This month, Ampersand Health contributed an article to Spoonie Magazine, a monthly publication that is created for those who live with chronic illnesses.

The article, titled: ‘Do More and Feel Better? Let’s Talk About Pacing.’ gave tips and advice for people living with chronic illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Spoonie magazine is created and run by Chronic Hope, with the ultimate aim of raising awareness, beginning conversations, creating community and inspiring hope.

Read the article and check out the magazine: Spoonie magazine, issue 3.

What is pacing for chronic illnesses?

Pacing, which is the overarching theme of this month’s Spoonie Magazine, is a popular tool used by many people living with chronic illnesses. Every person, regardless of their personal health circumstances, has limits in what they can do without becoming burnt out. For people with chronic illnesses, this limit may occur a lot sooner. 

Our article discusses pacing, explaining the importance of spreading out one’s activities and actions across a day/week, with the goal of achieving more over time without burning out. Read the article in Spoonie Magazine for helpful and actionable tips on how to implement pacing into your own life.

If you live with a chronic illness and are looking for additional resources, check out Chronic Hope and Spoonie Magazine.

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