Calling our My IBD Care users!


Do you want to be among the first to see and test new features of the app? We are developing brand NEW Lifestyle Programmes for the My IBD Care app and welcome YOU to be involved in user-testing.

My IBD Care are developing programmes based around sleep, exercise, psychological wellbeing, medication adherence and more! Our programmes have been co-produced by IBD Clinicians, Nurses, Programme-specific subject matter experts, Behavioural Scientists and patients themselves.

We are giving users the opportunity to contribute by carrying out remote user-testing of our current Programme Prototype – when it suits you!


Sign up! – Opens NOW!


To be one of the first user’s to test our new features, email us at Ampersand Health – !


Exploring and testing the Prototype – 6th – 15th of December


We will be running remote, online user-testing activities for you to complete in your own time. It only takes 20 minutes to complete.

We will email you a link of a prototype. Once you have this link – you can complete the remote user-testing anytime between the 9th and 15th of December.

During the testing we will ask you questions about the experience and welcome suggestions for improvement.


Catch up calls (Optional) – 16th – 20th of December 


Opt in for a 20 minute chat where you can share your experience and feedback with us directly.


Email us at to sign up for remote user-testing and receive more information about what this involves.


We also welcome more feedback via our Feedback feature on My IBD Care. 

We value your creativity, feedback and suggestions in all that we do. 

The My IBD Care Team


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